The Laser Cutting Machine Gives No Light

- Aug 13, 2019-

When laser cutting machine in use, if suddenly do not give light, if the power meter pointer indicates normal, inspection laser tube whether there is light, if there is light in the tube, but the light does not come out is probably fiber laser cutting machine laser tube damaged.

According to the problems of customers, the solutions are summarized as follows:

1. check whether the water is normally alternating, so that the water is normally alternating, if the water guarantee is broken, can be short water guarantee use;

2. Pre-adjust the point to see whether the ammeter swings. If it does not swing, use the meter to test whether the laser power supply is 220v in.

3. can also be on the power supply of the ground wire and water protection test whether the water protection is bad, check the output power, if the light, the potentiometer is broken, need to change;

4. If the main program does not emit light, the card can measure whether there is dc voltage above 3v between Angle 15 (H) or Angle 16 (L) and Angle 14 with the electricity meter.

5. there is a sound inside the laser power supply, usually the power connector does not contact, rewelding or connection, and then blow the dust inside the power supply.


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