What Are The Four Characteristics Of A Laser?

- Nov 17, 2018-

Since its creation, laser has been widely used in industrial processing, medical beauty, scientific research and other fields with its own excellent characteristics. The laser has four main characteristics: high brightness, good directionality, good monochrome, and high coherence. These characteristics are related to each other so that lasers can be applied to different scenes.
High brightness of laser
The laser with high brightness is mainly due to the high aggregation of its beam. The high brightness of the laser is also the embodiment of its energy height gathering. After the lens of the laser engraving machine gathers, the focus can form thousands of degrees or even tens of thousands of degrees of high temperature, which makes it possible to process almost everything.
High energy gathering is a very important feature of lasers. Because of its advantages, it can be widely used in industrial processing and medical treatment.
The color of light is determined by the wavelength of light, and light will have a certain wavelength scale. The narrower the wavelength, the better the monochromatism. With regard to general light sources, because the spectral line width is relatively large and the frequency scale is too wide, the reflected colors will be more miscellaneous.
Although, compared to general light sources, the spectral line width of the laser is much narrower. However, the line width of the laser is limited by many factors and it is almost impossible to reach the theoretical value level. For example, changes in temperature, the slight sensation of the laser, the airflow in the body accumulator, and the external pump will lead to instability of the resonance frequency and will result in reduced function.
Good directionality.
The light announced by the general light source is transmitted in all directions and has a large divergence angle. In contrast, the laser's divergence angle is very small, and it is emitted almost in parallel directions. The light emitted by the laser is a polarized light with a fixed direction. A simple example shows this: lasers do not refract water.
Among the various lasers, gas lasers are the most outstanding in directionality, followed by solid lasers. Semiconductor lasers have less performance in this area.
Good coherence.
Light waves are composed of many light Quanta. The light Quanta emitted from the laser are common in wavelength, frequency, and polarization due to resonance principles, which makes them have very strong dry and force. We also call lasers coherent light. It is precisely because the coherence of the laser is much stronger than that of the general light source.
The use of laser as a holographic light source is also a good feature of the use of coherence

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