What Is The Efficiency Of Laser Cutting Machine?

- Aug 22, 2019-

Due to the transmission characteristics of the laser, the laser cutting machine is usually equipped with a number of CNC workstations, the whole cutting process can all achieve CNC.

When operating, just change the numerical control program, it can be applied to cutting parts of different shapes, not only for two-dimensional cutting, but also for three-dimensional cutting.

Laser cutting speed is fast, with power of 1200w laser cutting 2mm thick low carbon steel plate, cutting speed can reach 600cm/min.

Carbon steel with a power of 1200w was cut at a cutting speed of 1.6m/min with a thickness of 8mm.

Cut stainless steel with thickness of 2mm, cutting speed of 3.5m/min, small thermal impact zone and minimal deformation.

The material does not need to be clamped and fixed when laser cutting, which can save fixture and auxiliary time of loading and discharging.


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