What Is The Principle Of Laser Tube Cutting Machine?

- Nov 21, 2020-

What is the principle of laser tube cutting machine?

Construction machinery, decoration, furniture, home appliances, cars, fitness equipment and other industries have laser cutting machine, laser pipe cutting machine in the stainless steel industry started early.


So what is the principle of the laser tube cutting machine?

The main working principle is to use the laser beam of the laser cutting machine to generate heat energy. The laser drives the motion system of the pipe cutting machine, and the intelligent system controls the pipe cutting machine, which can improve the production efficiency.

Laser cutting machine mainly includes :3 chuck laser cutting machine, automatic laser cutting machine, semi-automatic laser cutting machine, manual laser cutting machine and so on.

Laser cutting machine cutting stainless steel pipe, carbon steel pipe, cast iron pipe, seamless pipe, galvanized pipe and other metal materials of square pipe, round pipe, shaped pipe, all kinds of processing technology, pipe cutting, Angle cutting, open,45 degrees of cutting, etc.

Lt-6025EA is our current best-selling laser tube cutting equipment is mainly used for cutting, molding and blanking metal pipes, and is suitable for all kinds of metal pipes with the diameter of 16-250mm, such as square pipes, round pipes, rectangular pipes, elliptic pipes, elliptic pipes, channel steel, H steel, Angle iron, triangle pipes, and other special-shaped pipes of any shape.

Introduction to Machine Advantages

1. The Lathe Bed

Stable aseismic, good rigidity, high precision.Special design, independent research and development, with a long service life

2. Chuck

ACME laser Independent design, research and development and production, for the design and development of small tube industry, laser tube cutting machine dedicated chuck, high efficiency, good stability, with the full servo bus control system, efficiency is about 2 times of the ordinary tube cutting machine.

3. Receiving System

A scrap truck is set at the bottom of the bed to collect scrap from the production process and small parts at any time.

The equipment is equipped with money feeding platform, which can be customized to 3-6 meters feeding auxiliary platform according to customer requirements.

4. Guide Rail Part

Taiwan guide rail, precision wear-resistant selected special metal materials, high wear-resistant rigidity, smooth rolling, low friction coefficient, to reduce the wear to the minimum

5. Transmission System

Taiwan rack, 2M oblique tooth, grinding 6 grades, to ensure a variety of complex conditions of high precision movement.

Adopt the most advanced gear grinding technology, high precision in batch production

6. System advantages

ACME cloud system, can be automatically searched in the processing, real-time acquisition of Z-axis information, high-precision processing.Mode can be selected before processing.Suitable for arbitrary processing anytime and anywhere.Support three chuck, can achieve 0 tailings processing, save raw material costs.3d cutting can be simulated on the computer, which can effectively restore the real laser cutting process, greatly improving the processing efficiency.

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