Which Factors Will Affect The Precision Of Laser Cutting?

- May 17, 2018-

pipe tube laser cutting.jpg

Laser cutting machine has advantages of high cutting precision, high speed, free from cutting patterns, low processing costs etc, so it is gradually replacing the traditional metal cutting equipment.

At present, the application range of laser cutting machine is more and more wide, and the cutting precision of laser cutting machine is related to processing technology. As a result, cutting precision is also one of the most concerned issues for buyers. Many people misunderstood the laser cutting accuracy. In fact, the cutting accuracy of laser cutting machine is not entirely depended on the device itself, there are many other factors. Following we will see whcih factors will affect the precision of laser cutting.

tube cutting sample.JPG

1.The spot size of laser beam after focusing. The smaller of spot size is, the higher of cutting accuracy is.

2.The positioning accuracy of the worktable determines the repeat cutting accuracy. The higher of worktable accuracy is, the higher of cutting accuracy is.

3.The thicker of workpiece is, the lower of precision is and the greater of slit is. As the laser beam is cone, the slit is cone too, 0.1mm steel slit is smaller than 1mm steel.

4.The workpiece materials have some influence on the laser cutting precision. In the same situation, the cutting precision of carbon steel higher than stainless steel, also higher than aluminum and copper, and the cutting surface is more smooth.

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